Simulation Lab

Different degrees of immersion in virtual realities can be studied. The lab can simulate sounds, temperatures and visual surroundings by Virtual Reality goggles.

By creating such Virtual Realities, researchers can study how contextual factors affect food preferences, choice of products, the desire to eat or possibly appetite. Using Virtual Reality, one can put people in different contexts using 3D movies of real life or a computer designed copy of different scenarios.


Context simulation

  • Multisensory immersion to study contextual factors influencing on perception, choice, liking and appetite, using

    • 360⁰ video immersion in product tests

    • Imaginative priming on desire and liking

    • Controlling audio/temperature factors

    • Choice studies in virtual purchase situations (currently developing)

Attentional mapping

  • Eye-tracking of food pictures

Research staff

Associate Professor Michael Bom Frøst

Professor Wender Bredie