Consumer and sensory Lab

The laboratory utilises human test panels in the evaluation of sensory properties of foods and meals (cold and warm) or for specific stimulus evaluations (e.g. thresholds for taste, odour and oral touch). The laboratory is designed according to ISO standards and has besides experience in running standard test protocols also the means of setting up tailor made sensory tests for specific research purposes. Besides sensory testing, the laboratory also runs consumer panels to assess how consumers experience food products (liking, emotions, etc.). In addition, we have expertise in recruiting consumers for specific ad hoc use. The laboratory designs experiments and carries out tests in relation to:

  • Sensory product evaluation
  • Sensory sensitivity testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Focus groups
  • Consumer survey studies
  • Food intake evaluation
  • Data management, analysis and reporting


The lab can perform sensory, preference and acceptance tests with up to 20 panel members at a time. In the testing of different foods and ingredients, sensory/consumer panels within the relevant category or internal/external trained panels are used.

The lab has the following sensory/consumer panels:

  • Sensory panels (internal/external trained panels; odour panel)
  • Consumer product test panel
  • Elderly panel
  • Ad hoc panels:
    • School children
    • Asian consumer panel
  • Specialised panels (context studies, electrophysiology, eye-tracking, etc.)

Research staff

Professor Wender Bredie

Associate Professor Annemarie Olsen

Lab coordinator Belinda Lange