Observation and biometrics Lab

The lab explores consumer behaviour and biometric responses in relation to different environments and presentations of food and meals.

The laboratory is equipped with cameras that can zoom in on a consumer that chooses food from a buffet or eats a meal from a plate. Buffet studies take place in a room that can be decorated for different eating situations, and the meal can be arranged according to various aesthetic and sensory principles.

These studies will provide insight into how consumers select and eat the meal with regard to the visual, textural and taste characteristics, as well as small implicit messages, “nudging”.

Lab facilities

Observation and measurement of eating behaviour (individual/pair level) in meal and product designs, by monitoring eating rate:

  • Plate weight loss (intake)

  • Spoon/fork/drinking frequency (desire/palatability)

  • Observation of plate composition

  • Self-reports (hunger/satiation)

  • Electrophysiology (EEG, ECG and EDA)

Research staff

Associate Professor Helene Christine Reinbach

Associate Professor Michael Bom Frøst