Flavour Lab

Characterisation of key flavour components in foods is performed through sampling of volatile and non-volatile compounds, separating and subsequent structural identification and odour properties (odour attributes and strength). The lab enables the assessment of which compounds can contribute to positive food flavours or off-flavours. Furthermore, the chemical profiling will provide an insight into the underlying chemical changes that may have occurred in relation to e.g. fermentation, storage or heat treatment.

Flavour characterisation is carried out in relation to:

  • Flavour compounds in food

  • Flavour generation (fermentation, roasting, drying, maturation)

  • In vivo flavour formation and release

  • Off-flavour and taint analyses


  • Automated thermal desorption GC-MS (DHS and SBSE)

  • GC-MS (liquids extracts, SPME, static headspace sampling)

  • 2D GC-MS/O system with automated thermal desorption

  • Dynamic headspace sampling and SBSE

  • Authentic flavour compounds collection (MS+LRI)

  • Large throughput data treatment (identification, quantification and deconvolution)

  • PTR-TOF-MS (summer 2020)

  • 2 Channel dynamic olfactometer

  • Access to HPLC-MS and LC-MS

  • Trained odour panels

Research staff

Tenure track Sylvester Holt

Associate Professor Mikael Agerlin Petersen

Professor Wender Bredie