About Future Consumer Lab

Future Consumer Lab (FCL) at the Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, is part of the section for Design and Consumer Behaviour. FCL combines research activities and laboratories to learn about consumer preferences for foods and how food design can be targeted for specific consumer groups and eating behaviours.

The research at FCL aims to contribute to development of foods for now and in the future, contributing to more sustainable food behaviours, having positive health properties and are better adapted to individual preferences. The researchers at FCL collaborate with research organisations, food and non-food companies, culinary centres, start-ups, as well as talented students.

FCL combines different laboratories for integrated studies on food design including sensory and consumer evaluation, observation of food choices and eating behaviour, intervention studies, simulation of multisensory food experience contexts, biometrics and analytical flavour chemistry. The Gastro Science Lab at FCL offers a place for food innovations with students, staff, food producers, citizens and chefs.

We take an active role in engaging companies and innovators in exploring the gastronomic potential of new food raw materials and preparation techniques and connecting this to the Departmental research scientists.