Gastronomic innovation and design

Our approach is based on design thinking combining kitchen and smaller scale production with human centred food design. Essential in this process is the collaboration between scientists, chefs, food entrepreneurs, and food producers.

The research activities are interdisciplinary and can support quantitative chemical, physico-chemical, and sensory analysis of food ingredients, food preparations, and whole dishes.

A main focus is the exploration of new or underutilised food sources and ingredients (e.g. seaweed, seafood, insects and exploring the boundaries of plant-based foods) as well as implementing well-known and novel preparation techniques to explore their gastronomic potential with respect to flavour and texture.

We perform research and engage people within the areas of:

  • Fermentation for delicious flavours and textures

  • Phycogastronomy – the gastroscience of seaweeds

  • Cephalopod gastronomy: Nordic squid

  • Utilise plant-based raw materials and ingredients

  • Making insects appealing to a broader consumer base

  • Optimal use of sensory methods in innovation settings

  • General education and public science outreach via food and taste

Research staff

Professor emeritus Ole G. Mouritsen

Associate Professor Karsten Olsen

Associate Professor Michael Bom Frøst

Associate Professor Vibeke Orlien